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why a jewish anarchist convergence

Jewish anarchism spans thousands of years. As long as Jews have been stateless, we have waged war against the state. From the Jews who fought the Roman empire to the Black Banner who fought imperialist Russia to all the Jewish people fighting against fascism in the present moment...Jewish anarchism is and will always be a force against the dominant social order. We believe in the power of the diaspora. We do not advocate for or condone Jewish nationalism. 


We want this convergence to be a space in which we build relationships with each other, share the lessons we've learned as anarchists fighting in our own communities, honor the rebellion of our ancestors, and explore ways in which we can reclaim an identity that Jewish nationalism and assimilation have tried to tear away from us. 

In addition, this convergence seeks to strengthen our networks and ability to work in solidarity with migrants and asylum seekers

This conference aims to be accessible to all of us. While study and scholarship are valuable tools, we don't want to create a space that centers only on academic or jargon-y analysis. To us, myths and magic, our experiences, and our feelings are just as important as philosophy and theory. It doesn't matter how much or little you know about Judaism, Anarchism or Jewish Anarchism— we all have stories to share and things to learn from one another. 

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