Location and Dates

In so-called Chicago, IL

On the 15th-18th of Nissan 5780

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Accessibility of the space will be announced with location announcement. We will do our best to find the most accessible option. If you have specific accessibility needs you think might not be addressed, please let us know as soon as possible. 

We will be sending out the exact location to the convergence to people individually. We are doing this because we take the safety of all attendees very seriously. In order to be sent the address of this convergence, let us know who we can contact as a reference (a person you know, project you work on or group you are part of). 

We do not want this to sound intimidating or deter anyone from attending! We have a very wide network of connections across the so-called United States, Canada and Mexico. Anarchist communities across this continent are pretty well connected, and as long as you are part of some radical community, no matter how small, it is likely that it will be easy to verify that you are who you say you are. You are welcome to ask us the same questions. 

We can also help with housing! Please let us know ASAP if you plan to attend and need housing.