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Workshops can take many forms, from presentations to facilitated group conversation, to anything in between. 


To send in workshop proposals, email jewishanarchistconvergence[at]

by May 1st 2020 with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Workshop title

  • A couple of paragraphs describing your workshop

  • Relevant links or articles if you have any

  • Ideal amount of time needed for workshop 

  • Any space requirements (if you need access to a projector, speakers, space for people to move, etc)

  • If you need a travel stipend in order to attend, and approximately how much. We hope to be able to provide compensation to as many people as possible (facilitators and non-facilitators), but this requires you making the commitment to come as early as you can, as our funds are limited.

We are currently seeking workshop proposals, spanning topics such as:

  • Workshops and discussions that center around what it means to be anti-border, anti-state, and in active solidarity with all migrants and asylum seekers. For those of us with US and Canadian citizenship, we recognize that it is never enough to simply hold and speak of our politics. We must engage actively and directly against the people and systems that are responsible for the abuses and deaths along the southern border. Remember that these are horrors we have also faced in our recent past. 

  • Introduction to Jewish anarchism

  • History of Jewish anarchism

  • Local Jewish history tour

  • Connecting Jewish Anarchism to current movements and struggles such as indigenous sovereignty, migrant justice, environmental destruction, and queer struggle

  • Critique of contemporary Jewish movements and leftist spaces

  • Brainstorming on how we can strengthen our networks

  • Skill shares

  • Religious Jewish Anarchism: Exploring Jewish holidays and rituals through an anarchist lens

  • Philosophical explorations  about the meaning of being both anarchist and Jewish 

  • Jewish anarchism in today's struggles

  • Exploring anti-assimilationism 

  • Decolonization and Diaspora, tensions and avenues for struggle

  • Jewish struggles against white supremacy

  • Jewish folklore, Talmudic, or Kabbalistic stories with an anarchist framework

  • Tools for teaching and mentoring Jewish youth

We are currently accepting workshop proposals, due to the postponement of the convergence and the possibility that formerly-chosen presenters may not be able to attend the new date of the convergence!

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